P a t r i c i o   M a y a   

writer - artist 


        80 Millas por hora 

        Libro de poemas en castellano (2018)


Y cuando mi propia voz me es áspera

y mi reflejo aterrador a mis ojos, no puedo huir

porque conozco ya todas mis guaridas y disfraces .

Los poemas en francés o italiano que casi no entiendo.

Cualquier recuerdo ecuatoriano cada vez más roído.

El fútbol. Las gamas exquisitas de mi niñez. Esto, lo otro.

Sólo la lluvia que corroe el asfalto podría lavar las erupciones

de mi piel y dejarme liso como una semilla. Pero el cielo es azul

esto es California y las rubias despampanantes, en bikini

quieren llevarme a la playa, tocar guitarra, surfear.

Ésta me besa, le lamo los pezones; aquella

me dice su odisea, la abrazo; la otra me alimenta

y le canto en español: «Qué bonitos ojos tienes

debajo de esas dos cejas». Y está bien. Pero a veces

quisiera irme hundiendo en un tibio nido; diluir

la conciencia en el remoto canto de mi abuela, Cumandá.

(Cortesía, Grady Miller Books) 

     Walking Around with Fante and Bukowski: art, sex, politics and the ups and downs of cultural displacement (2015)

Maya’s riveting debut collection of essays takes the reader by the heart and throat, and never lets go. 

Part poetic autobiography, part harbinger of a new critical sensibility to emerge from colliding world cultures, Walking Around with Fante and Bukowski fuses a poet’s fire and a journalist’s unblinking eye. The essays here unfold as entertainingly as novels. The title piece, “Walking Around with Fante and Bukowski,” is a gripping quest to find a remnant of a lost-and-found L.A. literary masterpiece. “Staring into Vaginas,” looks at the photographic legacy of a seedy Hollywood strip club and lays bare the rite of strip-tease hidden inside the male psyche. The haunting “It’s Always Quiet in the End” celebrates poetry and friendship, and brings us face to face with one of life’s deepest secrets. "The New Democracy Struggle" tells the story of three pioneering world bloggers as they fight for democracy in Cuba, China and Iran. “The Brightest, Bluest Swimming Pool Water,” is an evocative mosaic-memoir of the writer’s cultural dislocation: a one-way jet flight from Ecuador to California at an early age. These and several other pieces written in a prose that charms and dazzles while tackling the big issues of death, ethics, freedom and the purpose of life, make this book an electrifying journey not to be missed. 



If you think you're alone and crazy in the struggle against complacency and the current world order, Aldo Tambellini is there. Youthful, righteous, and bitterly funny, he has been with us, painter of the written word, a caster of shadows and lights in the Lanterna Magica tradition, a one man gran guinol for 70 years. He has lived under Mussolini, contemporary American fascism --which he predicted-- and everything in between. There are over 70 years of great poetry in this anthology prepared by Patricio Maya and Graydon Miller with a foreword by Ishmael reed.

                   Aldo Tambellini and Patricio Maya in Cambridge MA, 2009


Intimate photography project.

Photography project with touches of humor.

Conceptual photography project.


Recorded poems and video art.

Mostly paintings, some poems, some selfies.


Patricio Maya was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1982.  As a cultural critic, he writes about contemporary art. In 2011, he held the Visiting Scholar position at the CalArts' Aesthetics and Politics program. Some of the magazines that have published his criticism include Nueva Luz, Edge, and drkrm. His poetry has been published in Mantis (Stanford) and Verbal Seduction (Syracuse). He has edited the poetry of Aldo Tambellini and the fiction of Graydon Miller. He holds an M.A. in Arts Journalism from Syracuse University and teaches English at the Los Angeles City College. He has recently finished Too Much Sweetie, an explosive novel he worked on for several years. 

Published books

As writer:

-80 MPH (Spanish poetry , GM Books 2018)

-Walking Around with Fante and Bukowski (essays, GM Books 2015)

As editor:

- Listen: Selected Poems of Aldo Tambellini (co-editor)

- The Havana Brotherhood (short stories by Graydon Miller)


The Poet's Terrain:

Maya will be giving three lectures at the Los Angeles Public Library (Edendale branch) three Fridays in a row this summer: June 15, 22, and 29 from 2-4 pm. Admission is free.


poesía = ugly beauty 

 June 22:

anti-poesía = ugly beauty

June 29

architecture: musical and otherwise  

During each lecture Maya will speak about artists and writers that have informed his work as well as read from his own work in English and Spanish.
The lectures will be video recorded. Hope to see you there. 



GMB is Maya's publisher and home away from home. This editorial gave him his first break and has allowed him to work both as writer and editor with the talented and much admired author Graydon Miller, "The Wizard of Fiction."    www. gradymillerbooks.com